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Sanuces - Survival Through Simplicity.

"Flow Like Water"


At the Sanuces Fight Lyfe Martial Arts Academy, children of all ages are taught to be aware at all times; to possess speed, form, power, technique and gracefulness; to move like the speed of lightning and strike with the roar of thunder.

With well over 75 years of combined experience, our prolific team of instructors provide students with expertise, in-depth knowledge, detailed attention and endless patience.  We ensure that every student Achieves his / her personal maximum potential.


In a world where our everyday safety is no longer guaranteed! where kidnappings, rapes and robberies are tragically a commonplace occurrence, Sanuces Fight Lyfe Martial Arts Academy empowers students with much more than just technical ability in the martial arts. We have a family oriented atmosphere. We instill discipline and determination within our student base. Fight Lyfe Martial Artist are taught to find an unwavering sense of self-confidence and the ability to remain calm in uncertain situations.


We have numerous programs offered!

Fight Lyfe welcomes students ages (3 and up). Our Classes by broken down by age and skill level. These are some of the things that makes our dojo a World Class Training Facility. Each of our programs has been uniquely created to address the specific needs and concerns of every level of ability (Students with Special Needs (A.D.H.D. are Welcome). We are deeply rooted in the Foster Care Community and are funded in part by ChildNet. 


As a nationally accredited and certified Sanuces Dojo, Fight Lyfe Martial Arts, is led by Professor Corey Tucker, Grand Master Veronica Walker and Overseen by The Late Supreme Grand Master Moses Powell. Fight Lyfe's Army of Junior Instructors present students with the benefit of a balanced method of teaching. Through a combination of compassion, tough encouragement and a thorough understanding, they have garnered a large and loyal following.

Master Corey, affectionately was nicknamed Master ‘C’ by his students in 2001. He creates a truly exhilarating and energetic mood with his infectious laughter, inspirational guidance and grand gestures. Despite the serious technical aspect of Sanuces Ryu Ju-Jitsu, students have found so much encouragement and joy in studying with their instructors. The Fight Lyfe Martial Arts Academy has become their home away from home.


Contact us today to become part of our Academy...                                                                                                   Fight For Your Life With Fight Lyfe Martial Arts!

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